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Abdominal CT Essentials

Check out the example lectures below! 

I had the privilege of creating an abdominal CT course with the amazing educators at Medmastery! Medmastery produces professional CME course for students, trainees, and physicians on a broad variety of medical topics including multiple radiology courses from world experts on CT, MRI, and US. They have taught me so much about how to be a great teacher, which they also have a course on

This course is for anyone looking to get comfortable reviewing and interpreting abdominal CT on their own. It is extremely high-yield and something that I wished existed when I was learning the craft. 

It is geared toward students, residents, non-radiologist physicians, and radiology trainees in their first two years. This is a perfect supplement for students on their radiology rotations, general surgery or ED residents, and practicing docs who review their own imaging studies or discuss results with patients! 

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Abdominal CT Essentials example lectures

Abdominal planes on CT

Adjusting window settings

Ordering the right study

Evaluating the liver

Evaluating the arteries

Masterclass: Common Pathologies

This is a course that covers all essential pathologies of abdominal CT.  This masterclass focuses on using CT to diagnose the usual suspects of acute abdominal pain and red flag findings that require urgent surgery. In the second part, you will learn to identify abdominal and pelvic cancer as well as metastatic disease.

Check out the example lectures below! 

15% off Medmastery with discount code "hartungmed"

Masterclass: Common Pathologies example lectures

Identifying acute appendicitis

Detecting Diverticulitis

Diagnosing SBO

Diagnosing HCC

Detecting colon cancer

Masterclass: Trauma

This is a course that covers all essential aspects of interpreting abdominopelvic trauma CT, slated for release in August 2022.

Identifying solid organ injuries

Diagnosing spleen, liver, pancreas injuries

Evaluating bowel and mesenteric trauma

Investigating pelvic fractures

Reviewing bladder injuries

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