Tenwek and Diospi-Suyana Hospitals

Tenwek Hospital - Bomet, Kenya

Tenwek Hospital is a mission hospital in Bomet, Kenya, serving a rural population of over 600,000 people since 1935.

I have the privilege of reading studies on a volunteer basis using teleradiology software donated by Nucleus.io. We have recently installed a new 64-channel Siemen's scanner, and are actively expanding our protocols to encompass the full spectrum of CT.

These cases have been selected for their advanced or uncommon (in Western countries) presentations. Reviewing such cases can help to augment training in urban environments where patients often present with much earlier disease states.

Image credit: FriendsofTenwek.org

Hydatid disease

Pott disease

Colo-colonic intussusception

Widespread mesenteric ischemia

Polycystic liver and kidneys

Cauda equina syndrome

Hypoperfusion complex/shock bowel

Mesenteric ischemia, perforation

Sacrococcygeal teratoma

Retroperitoneal tuberculosis

AIDS-realted lymphomatosis

Massive hydronephrosis

Metastatic carcinoid tumor

Chronic calvarial osteomyelitis

Peritoneal CSF pseudocyst

Cerebral abscesses

Tuberculous granulomatosis

Hepatic hydatid cyst

Femoral hernia

Arrow injury

Hydatid disease

Otogenic brain abscess

Small bowel volvulus

Gastric oulet obstruction due to adenocarcinoma

Tuberculous mycotic aneurysm

Massive aneursym and dissection

Arrow injury to the brain

Cardiac angiosarcoma

Gastrointestinal stromal tumor

Perforated appendix

Constrictive pericarditis

Plexiform neurofibroma

Epidural hematoma

Arrow injury to face

Pott disease

Venous epidural hematoma

Thoracic aortic aneurysm

Hepatic hydatid infection

Hurthle cell adenoma

Desmoid tumor


HCC causing Budd Chiari


Diffuse gastric adenocarcinoma

Small bowel lymphangioma

Tuberculous lymphadenitis

Acute on chronic subdural hematoma

Epidural hematoma with skull fracture

Chronic osteomyelitis

Fibrous dysplasia

Pott puffy tumor

Aortic coarctation

Aortic coarctation with aneurysm

Chronic osteomyelitis

Epidural hematoma

Trama with active arterial bleeding

Fibrous dysplasia

Blunt injury to the small bowel

Chronic small bowel volvulus

Arrow injury

Arrow injury

Arrow injury

Arrow injury

Pulmonary tuberculosis

Peritoneal carcinomatosis

Diospi-Suyana Hospital - Curahausi, Peru

Diospi-Suyana hospital opened October 2007, and serves a large rural population of the Quechua Indians of the Peruvian Andes. It offers a standard of care on par with western hospitals and is staffed by locals and expatriate staff.

I have the privilege of reading studies on a volunteer basis using teleradiology software donated by Nucleus.io. The following cases are chosen for their educational value. Several feature advanced or uncommon presentations in Western countries.

Image courtesy: Wikipedia.org

Congenital absence of the pericardium

Peritoneal hydatid disease


Silicosis and progressive massive fibrosis

Progressive massive fibrosis, putty kidney

Cystic pulmonary hydatidosis

Tuberculous tubo-ovarian abscess

Subacute infarct and neurocysticercosis

Progressive massive fibrosis


Cystic pulmonary hydatidosis