Workstation ergonomics

Step 1: Pick an awesome mouse and wristpad

Think of how many hours you spend with your hand on a mouse! Wrist and hand pain are extremely common for radiologists and can be effectively managed with using a high-quality mouse and wrist pad. The standard mice for computers are not designed for all-day use and very cheap. Do yourself a favor and buy a high-quality mouse.

Logitech MX Vertical

My personal favorite, takes only a little while to get used to it and almost zero wrist pain!

Logitech MX Master 3

This is another awesome choice, with the added bonus of hyperscrolling which is great for US and cross-sectional studies

Gaming Mouse

A lot of my trainees like being able to program multiple buttons to PACS-shortcuts for efficiency

Wrist Cushion

Wrist pads are essential for keeping your wrist in a neutral position when using the mouse. Notice how you often have your wrist bend or leaning against the table without a pad. I also use one for my dictation hand.

3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards

I like this product and the durable antimicrobial covering, as opposed to many fabric-based wrist-rests.

Mouse Case

I find this necesary for keeping my mouse and bluetooth receiver protected, and recommend it for any style high-end mouse. MX vertical case here.

Step 2: Consider other general ergonomic products

Pain free back

This book will teach you essential posture techniques to keep your whole body healthy while at work

Standing workstation chairs

This chair by Learniture is awesome, very reasonable ($100), and helps you move at the workstation. If you have high-end tastes, the Aeris Swopper is where it's at!

Standing Boards

These boards help to reduce fatigue and allow you to stand for longer periods of time by shifting the weight around your feet.

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