Acute Care GI 

UW Medical Student Lecture 

Introduction to Abdominal CT

For this virtual Acute Care GI session, please do the following:

Please contact me with any questions  

How to use a basic PACS viewer

Pull up a CT and review it like a pro! 

This quick video that reviews how to properly manipulate radiology images that every student and trainee should be familiar with. This includes changing window/level settings, basic annotation, measuring ROI, and changing the layout to triangulate a finding in two planes. 

Understanding window, level and HU

This "adjusting window settings" Medmastery lecture will demystify an often confusing concept for learners and radiologists alike and explain what exactly the window/level settings mean. 

Put your skills into practice! 

Mini-lecture 1: Acute appendicitis

Case 1: Acute appendicitis

Case 2: Peforated appendicitis

Mini-lecture 2: Diverticulitis

Case 1: Sigmoid diverticulitis

Case 2: Perforated diverticulitis

Mini-lecture 3: SBO

Case 1: SBO - adhesions

Case 2: SBO - hernia

Additional cases for self-review