Recording your own lectures

These are affiliate links of products that I use to record educational lectures. Please consider using these links to support the site.

Step 1: Choose a microphone

Blue Yeti

A very popular first choice, all-in-one setup

Rode NT1 Kit

Next level, professional sounding recording with a condenser microphone. This requires a boom arm and USB interface (see Scarlett link)

USB interface

USB interface required for XLR condensor microphones. This is how you plug the Rode into your computer.

Step 2: Webcam and lighting

Logitech Brio

This is a affordable 4k webcam that is adequate for most users

Light panels

I love these light panels for getting that professional, well-lit look while recording

Room treatments

If you have a noisy, echoing room, then add some room treatments

Step 3: Recording software


Excellent software package for self-recording and editing


Excellent, user friendly for Mac and PC. This is what I like to use

FinalCut Pro

If you want to do it all, this is the best solution