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New Abdominal CT comic on Radiopaedia!

How to read Abdominal CT

Annotated cases, videos, templates and more!

Abdominal CT 101

24 annotated teaching cases of essential pathology

Virtual Elective

5-day virtual elective for students and trainees

Next steps

Closed-loop obstruction

Online lecture with interactive cases

Renal pathology

26 teaching cases cover core renal pathology on CT

Case collections

Fill in the gaps with these focused, high-yield case collections

Radiology Reporting

Reporting tips, RG manuscript, and lectures

CT Basecamp

Teaching case archive

For Educators

Resources for being a rockstar teacher

Essentials of Abdominal CT

Master the essentials of reading abdominal CT

Masterclass: Common Pathologies

Acute abdomen and cancer imaging

Masterclass: Trauma

Release planned for summer of 2022

These are courses that I created with an amazing education company called Medmastery, which produces professional CME courses on all topics of medicine with experts around the worlds. 

I highly recommend these courses for any students, residents, or practicing physicians. I created the best, most high-yield courses possible on each of these topics, and I promise they will not disappoint. 

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Medmastery featured lectures

Abdominal planes on CT

Ordering the right study

Evaluating the liver

Evaluating the arteries

Identifying acute appendicitis

Detecting Diverticulitis

Diagnosing SBO

Diagnosing HCC

Identifying solid organ injuries

Diagnosing spleen, liver, pancreas injuries

Evaluating bowel and mesenteric trauma

Investigating pelvic fractures

Other resources

Lecture library: Online collection of selected lectures

Tenwek and Diospi: Interesting cases from AFrica and Peru

Ergonomics: Tips and tricks to keep your wrists, hand, and back happy

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