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New! Virtual elective in abdominal CT

Check out the new 5-day virtual elective for medical students, residents, and fellows with both beginner and advanced level cases!

New! Rapid-Review: Renal Pathology

26-full DICOM cases of a variety of renal pathology, covering the basics, uncommon, and advanced diseases.

Closed loop obstruction and internal hernia cases/webinar

Expand your understanding and comfort surrounding diagnosing closed loop obstructions due to adhesios and internal hernia in this Everlearning webinar!

Surgical and Procedural Care: Abdominal CT

2 hour medical student seminar converted into an online module due to COVID-19 with a full PACS-simulation experience with real cases. This will introduce students to the essentials of PACS, core anatomy, the glory of finding the appendix, and 6 surgical CT diagnoses.

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Essential anatomy and search pattern

Abdominal CT 101

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Tenwek and Diospi

Uncommon and advanced pathology

UW radiology-pathology

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