Workstation ergonomics

No, I don't have an official sponsor...

But, sitting all day isn't without hazards! Over the years I have found several products very helpful for improving workstation ergonomics and increasing movement at the workstation. Please send along any suggestions of products that you have found helpful in the feedback section.

For the hands and wrists:

Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse

The best mouse for radiology. Hyper-scrolling feature is extremely useful for US cines and CTs. Programmable buttons for efficiency. Long battery. I got mine with this case for carrying around.

Beaded Wrist Cushion

I like this IMAK "Non-Skid" cushion the most. Ironically, the beaded surface actually makes it easier for your wrist to glide along the desk surface, which I like!

3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards

I like this product and the durable antimicrobial covering, as opposed to many fabric-based wrist-rests.

Standing desks, chairs, and boards:

Flexispot Laptop Desk Riser

This is a really nice product for $100, and will get you standing anywhere. I like this much better than Varidesk's version. Flexispot has a lot of nice sit-to-stand products that are worth exploring.

Standing workstation chairs

This chair by Learniture is awesome, very reasonable ($100), and helps you move at the workstation. If you want something a little more stable and premium, I also like the Varichair Pro. I wish I could justify the Aeris Swopper!

Standing Boards

I like the relaxed feel and stability of the Pono board, and it helps me stand for a few more hours per day. There are lots of options out there to explore...