Radiology Reporting

How to create a great radiology report

This manuscript reviews key principles for radiology reporting that can serve as a guide in training and during your career.

If you do not have access to Radiographics and would like a copy of the manuscript, send me a request at

Radiopaedia presentation

This lecture was first presented at the Radiopaedia virtual conference 2020, and expands on the manuscript with the highest yield insights from the Radiographics manuscript.

How to create a great radiology report.pptx

Slideshow presentation

First iteration of Radiology reporting material presented at RSNA 2019 in PowerPoint format

CT abdomen and pelvis template checklist.docx

CT Abdomen/Pelvis Template

This is an expanded template that we developed for our CT abdomen/pelvis structured reports.

Structured Reporting - Hartung.pdf

Structured Reporting

Practical guide to implementing structured reporting in your practice.