Rapid review: Renal pathology


Below are 26 interactive, unknown DICOM cases covering a wide variety of renal pathology, with the intention of helping you to grow your case experience and diagnostic comfort with common and uncommon renal pathology. This is primarily geared toward residents, fellows, and practicing radiologist, though advanced medical students will also find this interesting.

You will notice that histories are omitted from the cases, which I felt would be too leading in many cases, and quite frankly, can unfortunately be misleading in real life. So the images will have to speak for themselves, and of course in real life you will have a clinicial history and laboratory values to help confirm your diagnoses. Ultimately radiology is not about being right, but being responsible, and offering careful recommendations for management or futher workup to reach a diagnoses in unknown or challenging cases.

Quick tip: it is helpful to window/level manually for several cases to approximate a more aggressive "liver" window, which is not programmed into the DICOM viewer.

After submitting your answers on the provided Google forms, you will receive a history, peritient positives, negatives, differential diagnosis and teaching points for each case. Don't forget to check out the recommended reading at the end. Please help me by providing feedback at the end!

Tech tips:

  • Use Chrome or Safari, NOT Internet Explorer
  • Tips for smooth scrolling with a laptop:
    • Consider using an external mouse with middle scroll wheel
    • If using a trackpad select the "Stack Scroll" button (it is defaulted when you open the case), click with one finger (index) and scroll with a second (middle) for a smoother, slower scroll than with two fingers alone

Warm up!

Game time!